Article 30 Grievance Settled!

VFNHP has successfully resolved the Article 30 grievance with UVMMC.
The details of the settlement are below.
Congratulations to our member-activists for creating real change in the way we will be informed of future changes in health care premiums.

The University of Vermont Medical Center (“UVMMC”) and the Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health
Professionals, Local 5221 (“VFNHP”) agree to resolve all issues relating to the grievance filed by VFNHP on
October 22, 2019 on the terms of this Settlement Agreement.

1. During the term of the current CBA, UVMMC agrees that it will not unilaterally increase the deductibles
or out of pocket expenses of the plan designs currently in effect on the day of this Agreement. UVMMC
agrees that it will negotiate with the VFNHP prior to making any changes to the existing plan designs,
unless such changes are improvements made for all other Hospital employees, like including voluntary
options or enhancements.

2. VFNHP agrees to submit its initial information request to UVMMC by July 15 to allow time for UVMMC
to compile the data and submit to VFNHP by August 15 to allow the VFNHP to prepare for the meeting
on or around September 1. The parties agree that the response to this information request will satisfy
the information requirements in Article 30, Section P.

3. UVMMC agrees to schedule up to four meetings with the Union during calendar year 2020 to provide a
detailed overview of the health care benefits provided by UVMMC, a review of the overall costs to both
UVMMC and bargaining unit employees, and to explore opportunities to provide enhancements and
cost savings. The participants for UVMMC will include representatives from labor relations and benefits.
The Union may select up to 15 participants; and the time for such meetings shall be considered paid
time by UVMMC. The parties agree that these meetings will satisfy the meeting requirements in Article
30, Section P.

4. The Union agrees to dismiss with prejudice all grievances related to Article 30- Flexible Benefits.

5. Failure to abide by the terms and conditions of this Settlement Agreement are subject to the grievance
process starting at step 3 and arbitration provisions in Article 40.