We are the Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals (VFNHP), Local 5221. We represent nurses and health professionals at UVM Medical Center in Burlington, Vermont.

Our goal is to provide safe, effective, high quality healthcare to members of the community. By empowering our members to speak out and become agents of change in our working environments, we are able to achieve this goal.

Our members are not only involved in the hospital setting, but also provide hands-on care to our extended communities in times of need. We are active members in policy-making decisions with the formation of laws affecting our professional practice and the communities we serve, at the state as well as the federal level.

Member Action Teams (MATs)
Member Action Team leaders (MATs) are responsible for communicating and working with approximately ten (10) colleagues on a regular basis.
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Safe Staffing Forms
Nurses, Techs and LNAs can fill out a Safe Staffing form by clicking here.

Ambulatory members can fill out a Safe Staffing form by clicking here.

Want to organize for Safe Staffing? Contact us at Kristin.Warnerataftvermont.org

Contact us with questions and comments related to caring in the time of COVID 19

Article 30-Insurance Premiums Grievance Settled!
VFNHP settled with UVMMC to provide earlier, clearer information about benefit premium changes that impact member paychecks.
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VFNHP Executive Board

Incoming and returning officers started terms on July 1, 2019.

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VFNHP Contracts

Click here for the Technical Professional Contract 2019-2022

Click here for the Nurse Contract 2018-2021

Members must be in Good Standing to VOTE. If you have been contacted with a request to pay unpaid dues, Click here to pay your dues: